Oh Paris!

Enter my 16 year old self’s dream. Every minute in Paris was pure magic. Paris makes you fall in love so effortlessly. I don’t know if it’s the way the streets are planted around Eiffel, or the beautiful Seine that runs through the city, the smell of fresh Crepes, window shopping through the boutique stores, […]

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Bali ❤ A tropical paradise mixed with good vibes, healthy food options, beautiful waterfalls, floating breakfast in a infinity pool, rice terraces, street shopping for dream catchers and rattans, affordable luxury resorts, Balinese spa, temples, with a topping of dragon fruit bowls? YES PLEASE!! When we first booked the tickets, we knew we wanted a […]

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Our time in Peru was quite an adventure. We were asked why we chose Peru a lot of times from locals and taxi drivers there. Even though our instant answer was Machu Picchu, we truly fell in love with the different culture and natural treasures the country had to offer. Here are some beautiful pictures […]

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Piece of Paradise

How often do you come across phrases like “the highest/tallest/biggest -peak/mountain/lake/road in literally every search of travel destination. When I hunt for what I want to see, I specifically look for what is special or best to experience at the place vs simply knowing if it the tallest building. Not that I hate facts, I […]

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I wanted the pictures of Maldives to speak for itself… This is THE destination you pick to splurge on your vacation. This is a place to escape chaos, a place to unwind, a place where you can absorb nature’s beauty. I mean, it is called “paradise”for a reason. If you haven’t guessed it already, we […]

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I remember wanting to visit Egypt when I was 8 years old after reading “The Adventures of Tin Tin – Cigars of the Pharaoh”.  Ancient Egypt is one of the many topics we connected with when we started getting to know each other. Ever since then we both dreamed about visiting this ancient land together. […]

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